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Would Marcelino be the perfect fit for Arsenal?

According to The Sports Review, Spanish manager Marcelino is on Arsenal’s radar. Without a job since September, following his sacking by Valencia. The question still lies: Can Marcelino work with Arsenal’s unique squad?

He had won the Copa del Rey last campaign, beating Barcelona 2-1 in the final, but his recent results were not good enough and he found himself out of the Mestalla just months later. Interestingly enough, his tactical prowess lies in simplicity, often using a 4-4-2 formation. This could be something to keep an eye on if he gets the job, as there is certainly no room for Mesut Özil in a midfield two.

It could be argued that the German can shift out wide. Marcelino is known for doing this, for example at Villarreal with a similar player: Roberto Soriano. This works because of his side’s natural narrowness, relying on full-backs to overlap. That could certainly play to Arsenal’s strengths. Kieran Tierney and Hector Bellerin will have a field day

Marcelino – History

With his graft lower down the Spanish pyramid, most noticably at Recreativo, where he won the league, Marcelino finally got a chance on the big stage: a job at Sevilla. He floundered. Managing for just four months, the Spaniard could only win 33% of his games. Not good enough.

However, it was his stint at La Liga side Villarreal that captured the attention of the footballing world. Using this simple 4-4-2 formation, he managed to stump many La Liga sides, finishing in fourth-place. Also, they went on an extensive run in the Europa League. Eventually bowing out to Liverpool in the semi-finals, Marcelino still showed his tactical nouse.

Marcelino was a catalyst for change for Villarreal, catapulting them up La Liga.

Overall, Marcelino to Arsenal seems like an odd move, but it may just be the right one. His only other job at a ‘top club’ (Sevilla) went terribly, but he’s had more positives than negatives in his career and maybe the Premier League is his next step. It would be interesting to see how he could adapt his approach to the English game and although this move is a risky one, I can’t wait to see if it works out…

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