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Why VAR needs to leave the Premier League

VAR. A cataclysmic catalogue of errors has propelled our Premier League from the Golden Age to the gutter. How three letters can sap so much energy out of the game has come as a surprise to us all, but do you want the worst part? They don’t even get the decision right. Stockley Park seems to make worse judgements than Parliament, the screen on the side of the pitch must be decorative and in the time between the incident and the decision I could’ve cycled to Merseyside and done it myself.

Liverpool against Manchester City was the latest case in the ‘VAR farce’, with the officials managing to muck up every possible decision that came their way. I have seen Crystal Palace strikers with a better success rate infront of goal. To be fair, the Trent Alexander-Arnold handball could’ve been justified due to the ball hitting Bernardo Silva’s arm beforehand, but the reason the ‘VAR board’ gave was: the ‘natural position of the arm’. Salah was more offside than McGoldrick, who was less offside than Lacazette. Who even knows anymore?

EDIT: Punched a hole in the wall seeing that Neil Swarback has given VAR a seven out of ten. Fuming.

What Would I Do to VAR?

Scrap it. Until we have the same efficiency that our good friends in Germany have with VAR, what’s the point? The value of the game has deteriorated to the level where I am seriously considering following the Scottish Premier League. Whilst Uche Ikpeazu may well and truly bang them in for Hearts, I would much rather watch unadultered Barclays Premier League action without the sickeningly controversial Virtual Assistant Referee. Clatter me for my conservative approach, I dare you.

VAR is shocking. This is a picture of Uche and Scott Brown staring each other down and has nothing to do with the article.
A picture of Uche Ikpeazu scrapping Scott Brown is here to calm me down.

Furthermore, there is a reckoning from the tinfoil hats that the reluctance to throw VAR in the bin, alongside the god-awful decisions, is down to the Premier League demanding a greater grip on the result of games. It does make sense when you think about it.

The Premier League is marketed as the ‘most entertaining league on the planet’. It doesn’t look so competitive if City win it for the third time in a row. Despite this, I am consciously against believing that referees fix matches, but then I saw Mike Riley’s performance in the Manchester United against Arsenal fixture fifteen years ago…

Truly shocking. So much so that I will end the article on this. I could go on for hours slating that useless piece of machinery and the dimwits that are behind it, but a man must eat. If you want to get involved in the debate, comment below and I will reply to them all. Thanks for reading!

UPDATE – It Has Got Worse!

When Vranic’s ball looped over the Spurs’ defence, finding the fantastic Fin Teemu Pukki, there was no doubt that it was to be a goal. Yet, his delightful finish was only to be cancelled out minutes later by the finest of margins. In fact, when it was looked at again, he wasn’t even offside! Another weekend of officiating blunders won’t help the cause.

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2 comments on “Why VAR needs to leave the Premier League

  1. Colin Stephenson

    Looking at a replay of the Pukki ‘goal’, he was deemed offside by VAR because his shoulder, yes his shoulder, was offside! Can you believe it???
    If VAR is going to go to those lengths then it has to be scrapped and immediately because if it isn’t, the Premier League is going to become a laughing stock and lose all credibility as being the best League in football!
    Referees ON THE PITCH should be the only ones to make a decision and to let someone, whoever he/she may be in a studio make a decision makes the referee redundant!
    A TV monitor pitchside is available to review incidents and the referee ALONE should make the decisions NOT someone else in a studio miles away!

  2. Re the Pukki goal…whatever happened to “advantage to the attacker”? On VAR in general and fixing results…as a Watford fan we are minus 7 points to crap and totally wrong VAR decisions so far this season, we were better off when it was just the referees making shite decisions. Totally agree bin it until they can get it right!

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