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Raheem Sterling: Man City deal edges closer amid Real Madrid interest

A couple weeks ago, Sky Sports reported that Los Blancos were considering a £70 million + Gareth Bale offer, to test Manchester City’s resolve regarding their English wonderboy, Raheem Sterling. Shortly after this there were reports suggesting contract talks between club and player were stalling. However now, it looks like the Citizens will pin down the Englishman to a long term deal.

Sky Sports are reporting Sterling’s new contract is set to make him the club’s highest earner. That’s above £350,000 per week, a testament to how good he is. We’ll explain below why he’s made a good decision, amid interest from the world’s biggest club. Sorry Manchester United fans.

Why Raheem Sterling should stay in Manchester

In July 2015, the English winger made a massive decision in his early career, moving to Manchester City £49 million. At 20 years old, he had shown all the promise in the world at Liverpool, but after a messy end to his Reds career, with unsanctioned interviews and shots being taken by both camps, Raheem must have felt as if the world was against him in his first season at City.

Liverpool fans wishing his downfall, pundits and papers ripping into this imaginative ‘thug-ish’ character. At such a young age, the mental capacity to deal with all of this, and still become the player he is today, is a testament to just what a player and person Sterling is.

Image of Raheem Sterling in 2015

He has developed his game exponentially since his move to the blue side of Manchester. A much smarter and clinical winger, he strikes fear into any full-back who faces him. He has especially come leaps and bounds under the tutelage of Pep Guardiola, and it translates onto the stat sheet. Near 20 goals and double digits assists for the winger in the last two season displays the fact that QPR academy product is producing his best game at the moment.

He can be regarded as the face of this chapter in Manchester City’s history. A real chance to build himself a lasting legacy in North-West England. Undoubtedly, the first name on the England team sheet. Imagine saying this when he burst through on Merseyside. You’d be called insane and locked away in a mental asylum.

The curse of Brits going abroad

A move to Madrid would cause the Kingston-born, London-bred winger to re-adapt his game once again, even though he’s only recently ‘found himself’ in a footballing sense. A new wave of criticism would flood his socials once again. Either unhappy Madrid fans who are never satisfied, or his former lovers, in City and Liverpool fans. Either way, it would hamper the mental progression of a lad who has been through a lot in a short time. Michael Owen below, is the prime example of Brits going abroad gone wrong:

We have seen more misses than hits when Brits go abroad. Let that serve as a warning sign for the England international. Even though I am of the opinion that Brits should be taking up the opportunity to play abroad – Exhibit A: Jadon Sancho – something just fundamentally doesn’t work when a star British player decides to move abroad.

There are ample examples, but even the great Ian Rush struggled in Italy with Torino. The attraction of playing abroad for any of Europe’s historic club is bound to be undeniable, and when the dust settles on what could turn out to be a massive transfer saga in the coming transfer windows, we will see how strong that attraction really is for Mr Sterling.

Real Madrid – Poison chalice for Sterling?

Finally, one has to wonder if the atmosphere and general feeling in the Spanish capital at the moment would be healthy for a Galactico-esque signing, such as Sterling. They seem lost in this post-Ronaldo era at the club, with no figurehead to lead them forward. Zidane is not a miracle-worker. The success he achieved in his first reign was due to all the pieces of his Real Madrid puzzle being in place. Oh and the brilliance of CR7.

Eden Hazard hasn’t been able to produce anywhere near to what he can. Adding to this, the constant speculation around players; it all creates an aura of negativity and toxicity. Raheem Sterling is at one of the most forward-thinking clubs in world football. Realistically, he shouldn’t be considering a move to the authoritarian state ran by Florentino Perez, that we call Real Madrid.

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