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Pierre Emerick Aubameyang: Will Arsenal star buy into Arteta's vision?

When Unai Emery was at the helm and the chaos at Arsenal was more apparent than ever, Pierre Emerick Aubameyang was saving the Spaniard from an even quicker sacking. Individual brilliance from the world class striker kept the now former Gunners boss in the job. But it was widely expected the 30 year old would leave in the summer, especially considering the unlikelihood of Champions League football. But now with Mikel Arteta as the new manager, will he be convinced to stay beyond this January, let alone this season?

Loan to Barcelona? Probably not

The Gabonese striker has had yet another prolific campaign for an underwhelming Arsenal side this season. 14 goals in just 22 games in 2019/20 has followed his golden boot winning season from last year in perfect fashion. His top form hasn’t gone unnoticed though. According to Goal, Barcelona are interested in a loan deal for the former Dortmund attacker. With Luis Suarez injured for the next few months, the Blaugrana need someone else, be it on a temporary basis. As a result, they’ve looked at a world class option in Aubameyang.

Barcelona have looked at Pierre Emerick Aubameyang to replace Luis Suarez temporarily

Now, I for one don’t see this happening. Like most people I’d like to think. It just doesn’t make sense for the Gunners to let their best forward leave for the next 6 months. Even if they get a loan fee, is it really worth it considering the financial value of a possible a Champions League qualification campaign. Granted it looks unlikely, but considering the teams dropping points around them, it’s still a possibility. For that, Arteta NEEDS Aubameyang. Gabriel Martinelli is an exciting young talent that has started life in North London tremendously. But putting the burden on an 18 year old doesn’t make any logical sense. So I’m writing this move off straight away.

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang – Will he stay beyond the summer?

But there’s another question I want to ask. Will Aubameyang want to stick around for this supposed long term plan with Mikel Arteta? I’m not so sure. Of course, the former Gunners midfielder has lifted the spirits of the dressing room, no doubt. There’s also a clear philosophy, a plan and something he can build on. Assuming he gets the financial backing. However, as a player, you’re selfish. Especially strikers of all players. Why would the Gabon international want to stay for ‘the long term’ when he’s realistically not got much time left at the top level.

The former Saint-Étienne winger is 30 years old now, so he’s towards the end of his prime you could say. Realistically, how long will a player, who’s pace is a big part of his game, be able to keep playing at the highest level? 3-4 years, 5 at a push? The fact is, he isn’t a spring chicken any more. Despite how much he loves the club and the fans, I just can’t see Aubameyang staying beyond this summer, mostly because I don’t see Arsenal getting Top 4. Maybe the Europa League route is a greater possibility for top European football. But even then, it’s a tough route to put all your eggs in one basket in. They know that from last season.

Can Arteta persuade him to stay?

I personally believe Arteta will come good at the Emirates. We did a whole article on him HERE if you’re interested. But Pierre Emerick Aubameyang will probably want one more big move for his career before he eventually phases out at the top level. Does he want to use up another year at Arsenal, where Europa League football looks like a large possibility?

Mikel Arteta MIGHT be able to persuade him to stay. With 18 months left on his contract, he could stay for another year and a half, then leave on a free with a better contract elsewhere. But I really don’t see it, just because of Aubameyang’s age. Time is of the essence, especially for world class strikers.

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