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Paul Pogba: Will Manchester United star stay beyond the summer?

The Paul Pogba transfer saga. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more complicated, all of a sudden there are suggestions of a U-turn. Yes, the Frenchman could stay at Manchester United beyond this summer and perhaps even commit to a long term future at Old Trafford. Who saw this coming a month or two ago.

“Paul’s our player. He has two years left on his contract, a year plus the option of another. You can expect Paul to be here [next season], yeah.”

Solskjaer on Paul Pogba’s future

It’s been such a strange season for everything to do with the World Cup winner. He’s been plagued with injury in 2019/20 and every time talk of a return is mentioned, there’s been a setback. Perhaps that’s been due to an error by the medical staff or Solskjaer rushing him back to into action against Watford. Pogba doesn’t strike me as unprofessional or lazy, so I highly doubt he’s refused to play. Especially considering that before the COVID-19 outbreak, he would’ve been a eyeing a place in France’s Euro squad. Yet despite just 8 appearances in all competitions this season, he can’t seem to get out of the headlines.

Paul Pogba – Change of mind?

Mostly due to his agent. Though the 27 year old has been out of action, Mino Raiola hasn’t missed the opportunity to cloud uncertainty over the midfielder’s future. We did an article on Raiola HERE if you’re interested. One minute he’s criticising the club, the next he’s suggesting they’re open to contract talks. It’s fair to say the Italian hasn’t done United or perhaps the perception of his client any favours. Either way, everything Raiola said pointed towards a move away to Juventus or Real Madrid in the summer.

Paul Pogba in training for Manchester United

Yet according to the Daily Mail and various other outlets, Pogba in a shock turn of events, could be prepared to remain at Manchester United. It’s no coincidence this has correlated with Bruno Fernandes hitting the ground running in the Premier League. The Portuguese midfielder has been excellent since signing in January. 2 goals and 3 assists in just 5 league games, winning PFA Player of the Month. Fernandes has been instrumental in Red Devils’ recent good run of form and it seems like the former Juventus midfielder has been impressed. What a midfield that would be.

So does Paul Pogba see a long term plan at Manchester United, and more importantly, does he see himself being a part of it? There is definitely potential for this squad, very few people have denied that. A strong defence, a now exceptional midfield and a dangerous attack. They’re perhaps 3-4 signings off a title challenge. The manager situation is the main concern and whether Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is the right man for the long term. It’s going well for now, but is this another honeymoon period?

Can Real Madrid or Juventus afford him?

I’m also not convinced that if he did try and force the move, could Los Blancos and the Bianconeri actually afford him. Real went on a €300 million spending spree last summer, so do they really have the funds to buy Pogba? It was only a couple of seasons ago they were forced to sell Cristiano Ronaldo to hide a poor financial year. Even if they do some how find the money by player sales, they would be at risk of breaching financial fair play. So this so-called imminent move to Madrid isn’t happening any time soon by the looks of it. Especially if Manchester United stay firm on their £100 million plus valuation.

Cristiano Ronaldo signing for Juventus

Then with Juventus, granted they don’t spend a lot of money on transfer fees. Yet their wage bill with the amount of free transfers they make is ridiculous. Can they afford the French international’s wages? They’d have to make a lot of space, that’s for sure. Aaron Ramsey is on £400,000 per week, so imagine what Pogba would demand. It just doesn’t seem affordable.

So based on all of this, a move away for Paul Pogba seems less likely than him staying in my opinion. Amidst the coronavirus takeover of the news, let’s see how this story progresses…

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