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Paul Pogba: What is actually happening?

Paul Pogba has been out of the limelight for the last 2 months or so with an injury. It’s almost like we had forgotten he existed. A setback last week has made matters worse. No transfer rumours, no performances for the media scrutinise, no Adidas campaigns. Nothing. But all of a sudden, the Frenchman is getting attention again and for reasons United fans won’t be pleased about.

The World Cup winner injured his ankle in late August, which is still keeping him out of action now in November. As a result, when he posted the video below on Instagram, it wasn’t received well:

Paul Pogba – Basketball Debate

Some of the Old Trafford faithful feel putting pressure on the ankle while playing basketball is unprofessional and potentially bad for his recovery. It certainly doesn’t look good on the club, who the midfielder hasn’t committed his future to. Some fans are even doubting whether his injury has been bad enough to keep him out for so long. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself and having fun. But first of all, why put it on Instagram for everyone to judge? Secondly, why play another sport when you’re supposed to be allowing the ankle to recover?

To make matters worse. He was seen an online video at a wedding, dancing. This once again went down terribly. Why Paul? Why?

Perhaps I’m looking too much into this. It doesn’t seem to be at all intense in the video or anything that’s putting pressure on the ankle. Still though, my first point still stands. I think he should keep it under the radar for the sake of the club’s image and his own. It only fuels anger and speculation.

“No one can doubt his professionalism, his willingness or his desire to play football”

Solskjaer on Pogba’s attitude

Real Madrid Interest Continues

But coupled with this basketball debate, the transfer rumours are beginning to resurface again. Real Madrid are reportedly preparing a £73 million offer + James Rodriguez and Mariano for the former Juventus midfielder, according to The Mirror. It’s blatantly obvious now Los Blancos can’t afford to pay the £150 million that the Red Devils want for their star player. There’s no chance United accept this offer. Rodriguez is past his best and Mariano has been average since returning to the Bernabeu.

Paul Pogba

So realistically, Paul Pogba is probably going to play for Manchester United again. Unless either Madrid can fork out a mammoth sum of money or United lower their asking price. Neither of which I think will happen until the summer.

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