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Alfie Ashton (@AlfieAshton10) – Luxury Player 

You’d have to travel many a mile to find a more deluded football fan than this fella. Forest through and through, Alfie loves to contribute with a piece of writing once a fortnight or so. When we finally receive one of his masterpieces, it is nothing short of majestic.

His passion as an avid football follower seeps into his work and his knowledge of the Football League certainly comes in handy. He is a loved member of the team, even if he only contributes once a decade.

Karan Khera (@KaranKhera2001) – Engine

This football-writing phenomenon may churn out articles at the speed of an F1 McClaren, but there is no doubt that when I go through one of his works of art, that the man knows his stuff. He has told me that he doesn’t actually support a team but just has an insatiable passion for the game (He will convert to Notts County, you have my word).

You can see this passion all through his writing even with his sophisticated style. How he is able to rave about niches that the average Joe wouldn’t bat an eye at is beyond me but I guess in the words of the man himself it: “is a true testament to his character”. He is eloquent and knows how to tell a story. He can simply be described as the true cornerstone of our growth as a blog and we are all extremely happy about the work he puts in.

Indy Gill (@_indygill) – Playmaker

Ah, Mr Detail. Football Manager genius. Give him the job of managing Parma and he’ll tell you everything down to what toilet paper they use within minutes of signing. His first detailed analysis of Roma had me reeling in my armchair it was that damn marvellous.

There’s no doubt that Indy could easily do a job in the football writing world. His mesmerising way with words may have occasionally got lost whilst we had a minute audience, but now I am happy to say that his fantastic work is being rightfully seen. An invaluable member of the five-man team that makes up Taste Of Football, and we can all just hope that he doesn’t ditch us for the gym.

Sam Corker (@samcorker17) – Talisman

Please can someone tell me how this man gets views? He could write an article on sawdust and one hundred people would read it. This life-long Notts County fan has an incredibly pure love for the English game (Literally. Every league.). It is as if his mind has been delicately placed onto a website and that is what is so great about his articles. The raw, colloquial way in which he conducts his words and feelings over a player/team give his posts a unique quality, something we love.

It’s inevitable that at some point he’s going to write an article that literally no one reads. Heck, he pushes the boundaries (Who the bloody hell is Ben Heneghan!?). It doesn’t matter though as everyone who is lucky enough to stumble upon Sam’s greatness will enjoy what they find.

Tom Quartly (@BottlerTom) – Leader

Well, it’s down to me I guess. The ‘Creator’ of Taste Of Football. Doesn’t feel like it, you know. These boys have been with me since day one (Well it was more like day three but that’s not a saying so I’m rolling with one) and are the main reason I am still doing this.

A Notts County fan since I skipped the Champions League for a Tuesday night v Crawley Town and I have to say I’ve been glued to Meadow Lane ever since. The72 threw me away like I was Civard Sprockel after Mansfield at home, but I have come back stronger (Unlike Civard), writing better articles and making the decision to go on my own adventure and set up a website, which I have to say, is going better than expected.

It’s all down to the boys who help me write the articles, who DM the twitter accounts, begging for them to share our work (Karan, mainly Karan). These guys are the reason why we are growing as a football blog that started in June 2018 and by August already has 250 Twitter followers and over 10,000 site views. Needless to say, I am proud.

Special mentions:

Sam Fortescue (@samfortz) and Alex Nolan (@Alexnolan00) – Idea hub

These two passionate football fans, even though they’re not officially part of the team, have been supporting the blog pretty much since the beginning. Not only are they always liking and reading the posts (even if no one else wants to), they are supplying the best ideas for articles at the right time.

Sam suggested doing the article on Bernard (now the 3rd most viewed article on the website) and the article on Caglar Soyuncu, which was featured on the front page of Socceracity Today

Alex has also suggested some new concepts for our articles such as those similar to the Odegaard article. More recently he has brainstormed a new concept of Partners In Crime, which we hope will take off like his previous ideas.

We’re genuinely grateful for their generous contributions to the site and are certainly a part of the blog’s success.

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