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The international fashion firm Primark has announced that it will invest a total of 100 million euros in Spain, 80 of which will go towards opening eight new stores and expanding an existing one. The remaining 20 million will be devoted to renovating stores.

The plans announced by the firm for the next two years in our market include the creation of more than 1,000 jobs, which represents a growth of 11% compared to the current staff of the firm, reaching 10,000 people. The new jobs include a mix of full-time and part-time opportunities for sales associates, trainee managers and department managers .

Among the new locations for Primark stores, the company has confirmed cities such as Jaén (CC. Jaén Plaza) and in the Murcian town of Lorca (Parque Almenara), as well as three new establishments in the Community of Madrid (Conde de Peñalver, Alcalá Magna shopping center, La Vaguada), where it already has eight stores, including the flagship store of more than 12,500 square meters on Gran Vía, next to Primark’s headquarters in Spain.

Likewise, in the next 12 months, the brand will open three new locations where it did not have a presence, such as Lanzarote, in the Open Mall shopping center in Arrecife; Melilla, in the Parque Melilla shopping center; and in Toledo, in the Luz del Tajo shopping center.

Among the stores that will undergo renovation is the Diagonal Mar center (Barcelona), which will also be expanded to create a better shopping experience for customers. This renovation plan ranges from upgrading and updating store décor and furnishings to phasing in LED lighting across all stores as Primark progresses towards its goal of halving its entire carbon footprint. its value chain by 2030.

The textile firm opened its first store in Spain in May 2006 in the Plenilunio shopping center in Madrid and currently has 56 stores throughout the country.

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