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Lead representative Pedro Pierluisi officially mentioned a 30day expansion from the Government Crisis The board Organization FEMA for individuals impacted by Storm Fiona to demand individual assistance

As declared a couple of days prior the public authority of Puerto Rico has currently officially mentioned the expansion for 30 additional days to finish up the FEMA individual help demand library said Sheila Angleró La Fortaleza press secretary

This Monday the cutoff time for applications to that program terminates Starting not long ago FEMA had gotten 1232119 uses of which 864819 had been submitted for assessment The rest it was accounted for met no qualification necessity

To date 711073 applications had been endorsed for distributions adding up to 5728 million of which 5467 million related to different requirements and 261 million to lodging help Ineligibility conclusions numbered 55345 while nearly 10413 requests are progressing

Among the FEMA help for impacted families there is help for harm to the home adding up to 37900 help for different requirements with a similar cap and rental help which can be reached out for a very long time.

Having received more than 1.2 million applications in two months, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) plans to close its individual assistance program for damages caused by Hurricane Fiona the day after tomorrow, Monday.

However, Sheila Angleró, press secretary for La Fortaleza, told El Nuevo Día yesterday that the administration of Governor Pedro Pierluisi would ask FEMA for a 30-day extension of the program. She indicated that the letter would be sent to the federal agency this weekend.

In recent weeks, FEMA has gradually closed its Disaster Recovery Centers (DRCs) and this Monday it will do the same with eight additional ones: Arroyo, Barceloneta, Cayey, Las Piedras, Santa Isabel, Toa Baja, Ciales and Utuado. . After the closure of these eight DRCs, 15 would remain available to care for the victims, out of a total of 43 that were enabled.

The FEMA Individual Assistance specialist Idamis de Jesús explained that, once the “regular period” for submitting claims ends, they will receive, for two additional months, the so-called “late applications”, in which a justification for the delay must be included. .

“It will require a justification for why the person could not register within the initial period. For example, let’s say that a person had some medical situations and was hospitalized, out of the country for the period that assistance was offered for the first 60 days. Depending on the situation presented to us by the citizen, we analyze case by case to verify how this late request can be adjusted or approved,” said De Jesús, estimating that less than 20% of these records that have been submitted for previous disasters were approved.

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