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The principal motivation behind the Bombazo en Familia is that the members of the essential and high level dance classes and percussion presented at the School make a show to show their exhibition during the semester. Moreover, they join the batey Marién Torres with her Taller Brava and Dr. Pablo Rivera with Afrolegado.

“Perceiving the ties that join us commitment and backing of these recognized individuals from the bomba local area, we welcome you to praise the family our way of life and customs,” said Brenda Cepeda, one of the little girls of Wear Modesto Cepeda Brenes, what pioneer behind this foundation will before long commend its 50th commemoration.

Notwithstanding music, individuals who visit Bombazo en Familia will actually want to appreciate turkey fricassee, alcapurrias and different treats that are essential for the delicious menu made with Doña Ketty’s recipes.

“This Bombazo en Familia is continued to observe Wear Quixote de la Bomba”, Wear Modesto Cepeda, and to communicate our euphoria for proceeding to remain notwithstanding three years of misfortune joining ties as an incredible group of the bomba,” said Gladys, one of the girls of Wear Modesto Cepeda and co-overseer of the School. “Culture joins together, and this is the way we need to begin the Christmas season for our next 50th commemoration, remaining in the battle, joined together and appreciative,” closed Cámara.

The Independent District of Trujillo Alto and its city hall leader, Pedro A. Rodríguez González welcome to the Christmas Lighting this Friday, in the entertainment square. There will be craftsmans, booths, commonplace food, presents and music with Fish de Segreles a Christmas show from the Institute of Expressions, El Rey de la Gloria Symphony, Dance Studio, Bicentennial Ensemble, Gathering of Four and Guitar, Violin Group and the Metropolitan Band, among others.

The civil organization of Aguas Buenas and its mayoress, Karina Nieves Serrano, welcome the incomparable Christmas Celebration from this Friday to Sunday at the Luis A. Ferré Entertainment Square. There will be craftsmans, photographs with St Nick, regular food and unrecorded music with La Emperadora Symphony, Giselle, Charlie Aponte , La Fish de Cayey, Victoria Sanabria, Manny Manuel and Mulenze Ensemble, among others.

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