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I am hereby changing my name from Sancho Glickman. My new name is Sancho Bush Qualye Sarkozy Soros. Yes, I am the son of not one but four famous men, and because of that fact itself the job offers in media will do nothing other than start rolling in from now on.

There is no reason not to like Chelsea Clinton, and indeed every reason to like her. She is bright and articulate. But so are thousands of other folks trying to break into the media business through crummy entry level jobs. Yet, because their father wasn’t a president and mom a secretary of state, many are unlikely to advance as far as the former First Daughter and get a call for an opening at NBC.

Not to pick on the young lady. She is not alone. It is highly improbable that James and Lachlan Murdoch would sit in cushy boardroom chairs had not their father Rupert owned the portion of the broadcasting business that NBC does not.

And the familial favoritism this week does not stop in journalism. Despite Howard Buffett’s credentials as a modern-day Renaissance man – philanthropist, businessman, author, photographer, conservationist – could anyone possibly imagine his being chosen as the next non-executive chairman of Berkshire Hathaway were his dad not Warren.

Spring is here, and that can only mean one think: it’s time for Baseball Ink and Chortler’s annual baseball limerick contest.

Yes, for third straight year – except for last year’s which was canceled – we are asking our loyal reader(s) to have a go combining our national pastime with light-hearted poetry of a debatable origin. Could you or someone you know be the Shakespeare of modern-day baseball-ish limerickery.

The show focuses on the enormous frustrations we all experience whenever the time comes to call a bank, gas company, telephone company and just about any other sizeable institution that wishes to distance itself from its customers in the interests of making things “easier” for them.

By James Will

James Wills is Based in Cape Town and loves playing football from the young age, He has covered All the news sections in TasteOfFootball and have been the best editor, He wrote his first NHL story in the 2013 and covered his first playoff series, As a Journalist in TasteOfFootball Ron has over 8 years of Experience.

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