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5 Reasons Why Notts County Are Going Up

Approaching my eighth season as a Notts County season ticket holder I am filled with optimism about what the future holds for my beloved Magpies. So if you can excuse my biased view, here are five reasons why the black and white faithful can be excited for the upcoming campaign.

1. Transfer Acumen

For the first time since the success of 2010 the Magpies’ transfer business has been second to none. Names such as Enzio Boldewijn, Kristian Dennis and Andy Kellet are far from being household, but they are all astonishing signings. Add a Kane Hemmings, Nathan Thomas and David Vaughan to boot and you’re looking at a transfer window that has bought us a well-balanced side that we’re hoping can go one better than last season.

2. Youngsters 

When Nolan came in, it was clear he was keen to ‘get the old band back together’, and this delivered huge success as he managed to keep us in the Football League, before propelling us to a more than respectable play-off finish. However, the old boys have been replaced by fresh young lads such as Noor Husin, Tom Crawford and Will Patching who are more than likely to improve being around Kevin and the experienced heads within the squad, which highlights Kevin and Big Alan are determined to build a strong, exciting future.

3. The Owner

Alan Hardy has been nothing but remarkable since taking the reigns of a football club that our fan base had almost accepted as having entered a vicious cycle of doom and gloom year after year. Despite this, the big boss has managed to re-install hope amongst the fans and inflict his mesmerisingly contagious plans which has given the club ambition once again. He’s also brought a certain stability which is crucial for the long-term survival and expansion of our football club. (Although this doesn’t mean I’m allowing those half and half scarves Alan).

4. Football?

This one might be a long shot, but I’m under the assumption that Kevin Nolan has plans to encourage the boys to play more on the deck this season, rather than the football in the clouds we’ve seen the past two years. By no means am I saying the football we played was bad, as it was largely effective and got us the necessary results. But as fans, I think we can all agree that seeing Notts play a fast, passing game is a concept we’d all enjoy.

5. Fans

Taking into account all the previous points, I certainly think the behind the scenes ticket deals deserves some recognition (“2 for Crewe” especially). What the guys behind the ticket office have done has sparked large attendances and with more to look forward to I can’t wait to see Meadow Lane roar our lads on the pitch all the way to promotion next season.. (Let’s sell out some away ends next year too!)


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  1. I think they’re going down

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