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Marcus Rashford: How Manchester United might ruin his career

Marcus Rashford out for the season?

With his Euros seriously in doubt, Rashford’s double stress fracture is the headline this Monday morning. How he was allowed to play with that sort of injury means that he is out for at least two months. With continuous mismanagement, could we sadly see Marcus Rashford follow the same injury path of a Manchester United legend: Wayne Rooney.

The lack of investment in an out and out forward has meant that Rashford is too heavily relied upon by Manchester United. Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s gross negligence of a potentially career-threatening injury Marcus’ ankle is, quite honestly, a sackable offence. Manchester-born and bred, Rashford can quite easily lead United’s next generation to trophy after trophy, but a double stress fracture is bad and, most importantly, recurring. Furthermore, doctors have found a floating bone in the foot of Rashford. This needs surgery to correct…

If you are unfamiliar with what exactly a stress fracture is, take a look at Laurent Koscielny. He was arguably one of the best central defenders in Europe. However, a stress fracture in his back never quite went away and it really took a negative toll on his career.

Marcus Rashford – The Bottom Line

There is absolutely no way that Solskjaer can rush Rashford back again. The England international has played 45 GAMES this season. It’s January! He may have been on top form but with not even a substitute apapearance in the Premier League, Solskjaer has overplayed Marcus to the extreme.

It now has to be asked whether Rashford should play again at all this season. If he takes four months to fully recover (including rehab), it will be May anyway. Best case for himself and England is that he can slowly build up and regain full fitness in time for the Euros. What Solskjaer and the medical staff have done at Manchester United is nothing short of criminal, whether Rashford begged to play or not.

Wayne Rooney is a legend at Manchester United, no doubt. However, his career was certainly stifled by injury, even if he managed to break records. His metatarsal was in pieces and he was rushed back way too quickly. All in all, he got away with it. Can the same be said for Marcus Rashford?

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