Manchester City Champions League ban: What it means

Well. Well. Well. It’s fair to say that my last article detailing the tightrope that Manchester City were walking on has finally panned out. I received a lot of abuse from that piece, but I have prevailed. Unlike City, who will spend the next two seasons out of the UEFA Champions League.

The tweet is official. They have been banned for ‘serious breaches of financial fair play’. But what exactly does this mean for Pep Guardiola and his players?

Manchester City – The Statement

The City statement is a curious one. No pulled punches. Having a dig at UEFA as an entire company, striking them as prejudicial, is a risky strategy to undertake. They could end up in hotter water than before, or it could help bring in an independent adjudicator. Nevertheless, even with a successful appeal, they will be serving at least one year out of the Champions League.

“With this prejudicial process now over, the Club will pursue an impartial judgment as quickly as possible”

What We Know

Well: Manchester City have been fined €30m and banned from the next two seasons of the UEFA Champions League. Fined not even half of one of their defenders, the real problem lies in a sudden lack of continental competition. This is huge for City, as their vast array of world-class talent will be on the phone to their agents as we speak. There is no way that Kevin De Bruyne spends two seasons out of the Champions League. Expect wholesale departures from now until the summer as players attempt to jump ship. Continental competition really is anything. Unless Pep Guardiola can inspire some heart?

The subsequent flawed and consistently leaked UEFA process he oversaw has meant that there was little doubt in the result that he would deliver.

It gets riskier and riskier. Could City’s ban get elongated for this behaviour.

But the same will probably go for Pep. City are now a poison chalice. Despite it still being early days (more like minutes), an interesting hypothetical is in where the highly-decorated Spanish manager will go next? He is yet to take on a seriously difficult project that requires revamping, but will he risk it all to take a step at something challenging? Of course, his achievements across Bayern Munich, Barcelona and now Manchester City are remarkable, but in each of these jobs, he has had unlimited power and financial backing. I would like to see Guardiola take something on that truly challenges him to the core. A project where budgeting is necessary. Whether we will see it is something else altogether.

It’s still early yet, so the details have not been fully released. However, we will be keeping you up to date, with in-depth analysis on what went wrong financially at Manchester City.

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  1. Guardiola only likes managing teams where he can saturate his league opponents with cash , cash and more cash. City have arrogantly strode over PL teams with coffers overflowing and deserve all that comes their way. Unfortunately the ruling does not go far enough as they should be ejected from this season competition immediately. Can you imagine the riots caused if they were to go on and reach , or even win , the final?

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