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Arthur: Heir to the Throne

It’s becoming difficult to imagine a Barcelona without the imperial Brazilian. A gargantuan hole left by Xavi and then Iniesta seemed impossible to fill with three players, never mind one, but the answer to their issues has perhaps come sooner than originally thought. After signing for £35m in […]

Vinicius Júnior: Desperdício

We are seemingly entering a time where £38.7m buys you a reserve player. You can disguise it all you like, tell me he’s still only 18, but for the extortionate figure paid, it would be laughable to see him spend even a year at Castilla. I’m sure Real […]

Santiago Cáseres: Amarillo

It was February 2017. Journalist Tomás Bohórquez sat down, shirt clinging to him in the impossibly humid room. Buenos Aires never did any favours, especially in the height of summer. He didn’t know much about Santiago Cáseres, just that he’ll be in and out before you know it. […]