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What would Tanguy Ndombele bring to Juventus?

There’s no doubt about it; Tanguy Ndombele is the epitome of the modern-day incontrista. We see many midfielders nowadays with the capability to bring the ball out of the back and slice through the opposition defence with inch-perfect passes. But Tanguy Ndombele is different. Whilst possessing supreme control and technique no different from a tricky wide-man, he still manages to

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Evaluating Isco: What does he bring to Juventus?

Feet no different from that of a flamenco dancer, he is the living embodiment of the Spanish tika-taka style. His swanning runs from the heart of midfield have the Santiago BernabĂ©u on its feet at his every command. But is Isco’s future away from the Spanish capital? The question may seem rather futile considering the 26 year old has won a La Liga title, the Golden Boy award

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