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Bruno Fernandes: Manchester United can’t afford to pull out of move now

Bruno Fernandes has been ALL OVER Twitter. The ship that sunk so embarrassingly for Manchester United fans last season looks like it’s rising from the ocean floor back to the surface. Reports from dozens of outlets are are saying the deal is on. The Portuguese media who of course pushed it unsuccessfully last summer are now being joined by British outlets. Considering the sheer number of sources, you could almost say with certainty the clubs have met. With the amount of genuine excitement building in the United fan base for this move, the Red Devils simply cannot afford to mess the deal up.

Bruno Fernandes – The anticipation builds

As aforementioned, the number of sources confirming it and the substantial anticipation for the signature of the Portuguese midfielder means failure would be catastrophic for the club. The opposition and unrest towards the Glazer ownership has now transcended social media. Though Twitter is often an echo chamber that fails to reflect the real world’s sentiments, it seems like the heads of the Old Trafford faithful are beginning to turn. Anti-Glazer and Woodward chants were heard in Stretford End for the first time this season. Something that for the most part, as I said, was confined to the digital world. It looks like the fans of Britain’s biggest club are finally voicing their frustration.

The lack of ambition, piling up debts, slow decline since Sir Alex left, it’s all coming to light now. PR and a brand image is crucial to a business, especially Manchester United. This movement against the American ownership will only grow bigger now that it’s reached the Theatre of Dreams on a larger scale. Patience is one thing for that fan base, who of course have had decades of boundless success. But expectations and a long term vision is another. If the fans see something materialising, either on the pitch or actively from the owners, they will remain patient. But now 6 years of mediocrity for Manchester United without any certainty over the future means they want to see something.

Co-incidence or a response from the board?

Could you correlate the growing restlessness in the red of Manchester with this sudden euphoria towards a blockbuster transfer? You could say it’s a coincidence that’s come at a good time for the board. Or you could say they’re listening and responding. Whether it’s the latter remains to be seen. It doesn’t take a genius to work out United are crying out for a midfielder with their injuries and evident lack of creativity. First thing’s first, Bruno Fernandes to Manchester United has to be finalised.

Bruno Fernandes is wanted by Manchester United

Why I say it has to? Too much is at stake now for United to pull out. The prolonged period of scouting him, the excitement in the fan base, the first bit of positive PR that is being generated in a quite frankly awful season for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s side. The list goes on. If the Glazers, whether they actually have ambitions for the club or not, want to see Manchester United return to the pinnacle of English football, they need to back their manager.

Why they can’t walk away now

As much as I think their former super sub needs to be sacked, he needs financial backing. Maguire and Wan Bissaka sorted out the defence. But their midfield has been poor for a while now. They’ve still not replaced Marouane Fellaini for goodness sake! If the board want to stop these #GlazerOut and #WoodwardOut movements, they need to show it. Saying there’s a long term plan and ‘building for the future’ is one thing. But you need established players now to help guide the young players. Fernandes is only 25 years old too. Not even in his prime yet. We did a whole player profile on him HERE if you’re interested.

Bruno Fernandes would help sort out United's midfield issues

If this deal falls through, the Glazers have a big problem. This unrest and opposition to them is only going to grow. Because the results on the pitch will continue to suffer without someone in midfield to inspire the team. Rashford, Martial and Greenwood can’t save you every game. There would be absolute chaos online for sure. But in the stadium too, these protests and chants are only going to get louder and louder. When all of this starts snowballing, it won’t be long before interest in the club, commercially and on the pitch, begins to decrease. Then when the profits start to fall, share prices begin dropping, it won’t be long before their cash cow dries out.

What’s starting to worry United fans is the latest news coming out from Sky and BBC. After playing what was widely considered his last game for Sporting yesterday, both sources are claiming that the deal has hit a stumbling block. Both clubs are separate in their valuations of Fernandes and a move which looked like a certainty, is now in uncertain territory. Woodward has said before the club won’t be held to ransom. Red Devils fans will be nervous now that they could walk away from the deal over the £15-20 million more the Portuguese club want for their prized asset.

Bruno Fernandes – Glazer’s saving grace?

“While we are confident this investment will deliver results it is important that we are patient as Ole and his team build for the future. We intend to get back to the top of English football.” 

Ed Woodward earlier in the season on Manchester United’s ambitions

I’m not saying the future of the Glazer ownership depends on this transfer. But considering how much has gone into it, to come away with nothing would be disastrous. For the sake of United’s fans and the Glazer image. Haaland rejected the club earlier in the window and with the Ashley Young saga too, it’s obvious the pull of Manchester United is not what it used to be. A high profile signing like Bruno Fernandes would start restoring that image in the market. Whilst obviously helping the club on pitch and make more people believe Solskjaer is the right man for the job. Whether he is or he isn’t remains to be seen of course. But in a nutshell, this transfer cannot afford to go wrong now for the board, or the fans.

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