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Ashley Young: Manchester United snub for Inter sums up dire situation

Ashley Young has not been a popular figure at Old Trafford for a while now. Past his sell by date, doesn’t offer anything, poor defensively. The 34 year old (now not so young) has received his fair share of criticism from United fans. Of course a small minority goes too far. But the general consensus is he shouldn’t be playing for Manchester United anymore, which is fair.

However, the strangest situation has emerged over the last couple of days. Serie A leaders Inter Milan have shown strong interest in the former winger. Antonio Conte has been an admirer of Young since the Italian time’s at Chelsea. The chances are he sees something most people don’t see. Considering what he did with a Victor Moses set to depart Stamford Bridge at the time, I won’t question the former Juventus manager’s judgement.

Antonio Conte revived Victor Moses' Chelsea career

The move makes sense for Ashley Young too. A final big move away after an overall successful career in England. Who wouldn’t leave the chaos in Manchester for a potential Serie A title with the Nerazzurri? However despite the overwhelming number of people wanting the Englishman to leave, Manchester United have still come out of this very badly. I’d go as far to say they’ve been humiliated.

Ashley Young – Where’s the ambition?

Firstly Sky Sports reported they offered Young a new deal. Why Conte wants him, I don’t know. But for a club looking for this so-called ‘long term vision’ to be trying to keep a 34 year old finished winger and now finished fullback is embarrassing. His presence stifles the development of Brandon Williams, someone who looks like he has a bright future at the club. Why they’re doing this, to save money on buying a new left back. The Glazer family doing what it does best.

Ashley Young with the captain's armband

Secondly, HE’S TURNED IT DOWN! The biggest club in England is being rejected by their club captain, according to Di Marzio. If that doesn’t tell you about the mess at Manchester United, I don’t know what does. Midway through the season, a player who’s been a servant of the club for 9 years is turning down a contract extension. It’s embarrassing for United for two reasons. The fact they offered the contract in the first place and the fact Ashley Young has turned it down.

How the mighty have fallen

If they sign Bruno Fernandes now, the fans won’t dwell on this for long. In fact, they’ll get their wish of him leaving Old Trafford. But it just epitomises how far United have fallen as a transfer prospect for a player. If a 34 year old is rejecting them, who’s to say other players won’t? Haaland did, even Fernandes might wait for a move to a current European giant rather than a fallen one.

Erling Haaland rejected Manchester United for Borussia Dortmund

The fact of the matter is, Manchester United are nowhere near the force they were years ago. You can quote the history, the silverware and everything about them being a ‘big’ club. But given their current situation and with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in charge, the pull of the red of Manchester has never been weaker. At least in my opinion.

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