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Andreas Pereira: Manchester United career failed to kick off for Brazilian

Andreas Pereira. How the stock has fallen for that name in the last 2 seasons. A Brazilian coming through the fabled Manchester United academy, hopes were high for the youngster. Fans were calling for previous managers to use this midfielder, the supposed future of the Red Devils. They had every right to, after two promising spells in La Liga with Granada and Valencia. However, fast forward to today, the same fans are now calling for his head. To say times have changed would be an understatement.

Andreas Pereira – Just not good enough…

The 24-year-old (yes he’s now THAT old) has failed to set the world alight since getting his chance in the red of Manchester. 37 Premier League appearances in the last two years have yielded just 2 goals and 4 assists. A woeful return for a player Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has continued to persist with. How he got a new FOUR YEAR CONTRACT in the summer is baffling. All from putting one good cross in or scoring one good goal every 10 games. Genuinely staggering.

Andreas Pereira signing a new contract with Manchester United

It’s a real shame how things have gone for Pereira. He works hard and puts his all into it every game for United. But the confidence, football brain and quality just isn’t there. As aforementioned, he pops up every once in a while with a world class cross or stunning long shot from 25 yards and his Norwegian coach is under this illusion he’s back to being the second coming of Kaka. But most games this season, he’s a liability in midfield.

Sacrificing so much to accommodate him

Take yesterday’s game against Wolves. The eagerly anticipated debut of Bruno Fernandes, finally a Manchester United player. Thank goodness we never have to here about this transfer again. The Portuguese midfielder put in a disciplined display, making it tick from midfield and looking like a breath of fresh air for the side.

However, people were quick to point out how he was having to pick up the ball from deep in midfield. Something Fernandes is capable of. But it’s not what you want someone who scored 33 goals last season doing. Why was this happening you ask? Well, it’s because Andreas Pereira was unable to play deep and instead thrown into the number 10 role. No creativity, losing the ball, unable to test the keeper. He might as well have not been there. This was in the first half.

Andreas Pereira in action for Manchester United

The second half, what does Solskjaer do? He keeps him on the pitch, moving him to the left wing, keeping Fernandes deep in midfield and putting Juan Mata in that attacking midfield role! It’s complete tactical ineptitude from the former Cardiff manager (we’ve gone into depth with that HERE, if you’re interested). The amount that is having to be sacrificed to accommodate Pereira somewhere in that team is shocking. A testament to how he’s just not good enough. I feel bad for the one-time capped Brazilian, because although he’s not good, his manager is not doing him any favours.

Some sense is required

It’s blatantly obvious that United are missing Matic, Pogba and Mctominay. Without a shadow of a doubt. But it doesn’t take a genius to work out that Pereira shouldn’t be starting for this side, regardless of the injury problems. Like Jesse Lingard, he’s become a laughing stock on social media. Red Devils fans will be hoping some sense will come to their manager, because this cannot go on. Otherwise, the potential of Bruno Fernandes will never be unleashed from DM…

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