Bruno Fernandes: Staying at Sporting Lisbon for foreseeable future?

Bruno Fernandes was in huge demand in the summer. Every single day, there were reports linking him to Manchester United. Even Spurs and Real Madrid were in for him. It got the point where Red Devils fans were looking at flights from Portugal to England to find out when he was coming to Old Trafford. The signing seemed inevitable.

However there was no movement for the Portuguese international. None whatsoever. Sporting wouldn’t budge on their valuation, United didn’t want to pay the price. Fast forward to the 2019/20 season, he’s now signed a new contract with the club. Does that essentially end his chances of moving for the foreseeable future?

“For me, it has been and always will be a privilege to wear the Sporting shirt,”

Fernandes after signing his new contract with Sporting

Bruno Fernandes – Something we don’t know?

Contracts in modern day football hardly mean as much as they did years ago. Loyalty is for the most part dead, well expect for people like Lionel Messi. But if he really wanted a move, the 25 year old wouldn’t have signed this contract. Unless him and Sporting know something we don’t, a hidden clause perhaps or mutual agreement?

Fernandes’ quality and talent is unquestionable. 31 goals in all competitions last season is a staggering figure, especially for a midfielder. Frank Lampard like figures. He was instrumental in Lisbon’s domestic double and played a part in Portugal’s Nations League success. Everything was pointing towards a move away from Verde e Brancos for him. But alas, it looks like he’s staying.

Bruno Fernandes

Perhaps it’s to do with family reasons, he loves the country, or something unknown to us. Or he was fed up of no-one making a compelling enough bid for his signature, that he chose to stay put. Who knows. Either way, I respect the decision and showing loyalty to the badge. Most players would jump after the season he had.

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