Should Mauricio Pochettino have been sacked by Spurs?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Tottenham Hotspur have sacked Mauricio Pochettino. Yes, you heard that right. The man who rebuilt a shattered Tottenham side that had lost Gareth Bale, into Champions league finalists consistently finishing Top 4 and were, at one point, challenging for the Premier League title. Sadly this wasn’t enough to buy him time after a disastrous start to 2019/20.

Now, Jose Mourinho is set for a sensational return to English football. We’ve done a whole article on whether the Special One will be a success at Spurs HERE. But the focus of this article is whether the Argentine should’ve been given another chance to rebuild Totttenham. You’d think after everything he had done for them, Daniel Levy would trust him to do so and potentially bring trophies to the club.

Mauricio Pochettino

Unfortunately not for Pochettino. Sadly his time in North London will always be remembered for ‘what could have been’. With that little bit more money to spend and a little bit of luck, we could’ve seen a Premier League and Champions League winning side. Crazy to comprehend when you put it like that. Instead, the former PSG defender leaves with no silverware to his name. As a neutral, you have to feel a bit sorry for him. All that work with nothing to show for.

How UCL final papered over Spurs’ cracks

But statistics don’t lie. Tottenham have been abysmal for the last 2 seasons and it’s hard to deny. The Champions League fairy tale run to the final papered over the cracks in the side. The tensions in the dressing room, the friction behind the scenes. Even their run to the final had an element of luck with contentious VAR calls. They lost 13 times in 2018/19, and somehow still made Top 4. Partly because of Arsenal and Manchester United being in complete chaos themselves.

This season too, the North London side have looked shocking. They sit in 14th place, just 6 points above the relegation zone. The team looks flat and short of inspiration. There have been multiple reports of tensions in the dressing room, Jan Vertonghen and Christian Eriksen in particular. Whether the rumours are true, we’ll never know. Conceding 7 against Bayern at home and 3 to Brighton too, it’s been humiliating so far for Tottenham. That Amazon documentary will be a good watch, no doubt.

Top jobs beckoning for Mauricio Pochettino?

Either way, Mauricio Pochettino’s departure makes sense. The media expected it, we expected it and perhaps it’s fair to say he expected it. He took Spurs as far as he could and leaves with his head held high. The former Southampton coach is without doubt one of the best managers available on the market and there’s no doubt he’ll be back in a job in no time. Real Madrid? PSG? It’ll be a top job, I’m sure of it.

Mauricio Pochettino

As for Tottenham, Mourinho is close to completion, according to Sky Sports. Whether that pans out or not, only time will tell. He’s a serial winner, but is he still cut out for a job at the top level? Either way it’ll be box office for the neutrals.

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  1. I see his managerial qualities but his shortcomings were on display the last 2 seasons. Bringing Harry on in the final after Lucas had a hattrick? Or how about playing him almost every single minute being part of why he’s looked tired in so many Spurs games. How about how he Subs in the last minutes when his team has shown little to no fire nor imagination?? And how about playing only one style of football almost all the time? He almost always built SLOWLY from the back even as Spurs lost the ball repeatedly, putting the defense under relentless pressure.

    Not a fan of Mourinho but Spurs needed something now (well, really last week) before the top 4, if not the Europa places, are out of sight.

    • Completely agree mate, Poch isn’t perfect and I feel he had grown tired of the job. With a blank cheque book, he could do wonders at Madrid or Bayern. Confident Jose will be a success at Spurs too.

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