Serge Gnabry: Best in the world?

Best in the world right now. Am I overreacting? Most certainly, but it’s no lie that at 24 years of age that Serge Gnabry is already climbing higher than he could ever have imagined. The cold nights on Tony Pulis’ bench seemed to have finally paid off.

Driving runs and finally some end product to go with it, the pace and power of the former sprinter really shows as he brushes past nine tenths of the worlds defenders with ease.

The German international’s hot streak has him at the pinnacle of the world game after his four goals against Tottenham in the Champions League have been followed by an immense performance against Argentina. He has now broken Miroslav Klose’s record of being the fastest German to get to ten goals for his country. 10 in 11.

His rich vein of form can be catalysed by his 12 goals and 4 assists since the season began, a fine return for the former Arsenal man.







What’s interesting, however, is how he got to Bayern Munich. Arsene Wenger has been speaking to the media and had this to say:

‘We tried to extend Gnabry’s contract for a long time & I think that Bayern manipulated behind the scenes, that if he went to Bremen he would join Bayern after’.

Wenger on Gnabry transfer saga

Seems as though some more illegal tapping up from top clubs. The last thing we want is for this to detract from Serge Gnabry’s fantastic form on the pitch but at some point there has to be some serious ramifications. Bayern will get away with it, a £500,000 fine or something but them, alongside Barcelona, are now two high-profile clubs that have reportedly tapped up players (Barca with Griezmann).

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Overall, Gnabry is not at the level of Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi just yet, but on recent form he is one of the top players if not THE top in Europe.

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