What ‘The Turkish Messi’ Can Bring To Liverpool

When a phrase such as the ‘New Messi’ is thrown around as much as it is in modern-day football, it starts to lose its value. Turkish prospect Abdülkadir Ömür from Trabzonspor is the latest prospect chosen to carry this burden. As he will most likely not be within your realm of knowledge, allow me to enlighten you.

Playing Style

When watching Ömür’s tapes, he really does remind you of that prototypical ‘New Messi’ prospect. Standing at 5’6″, Ömür is a slight figure, with a lean physique. This doesn’t mean that the Turkish playmaker is easy to barge off the ball. With a running style that has traces of Coutinho and Messi within it, and also a low centre of gravity, Ömür has great balance when running with the ball. He possesses the necessary skills to be effective when Liverpool face low blocks, and even though Liverpool are becoming increasingly adept in these situations, it does not harm to have depth, especially when chasing the elusive Premier League title. A shooting technique that reminds me of Marcus Rashford could cause EPL goalkeepers nightmares, even if you see one or two of them fly into the stands. This gives Liverpool a long-shot option they haven’t had since Coutinho left.

Where Would He Fit Into Liverpool’s Squad?

Seeing as Ömür has put in his best performances out on the right of an attacking midfield trio, it is likely he would contest Xherdan Shaqiri when Liverpool operate in their newly trusted 4-2-3-1, but in the long-term, he is apparently seen as the replacement for Adam Lallana. The 19-year old Turk, even when operating in a more central role, will naturally drop into the middle third of the pitch, very much similar to the way the Swiss Shaqiri does. It is important to remember that he would be coming from the Turkish league, but with a fee of around £27million being touted, it is very likely that Ömür won’t be coming to play in the youth teams or sit around in the reserves whilst he develops. Even though Liverpool have improved their depth in recent times, it can be argued that they have not replaced Coutinho since his departure to Barcelona, in terms of someone who offers what he used to offer during his time on Merseyside.

Liverpool are a great club, one of the greatest in the world. These offers are something Trabzonspor need to discuss…If the club give the go-ahead, talks can be held. The club’s interests take precedence. I’ll do whatever is in the club’s best interests.”

Abdülkadir Ömür’s recent comments on the speculation

Analysing Ömür’s comment, it is clear he has interest in moving to the red side of Merseyside; it’s just a case to whether there is firm interest from Michael Edwards, Jürgen Klopp and the Liverpool hierarchy. This won’t be the transfer that grabs the headlines, but it could be a clever little dealing if pulled off, as the Turk has attracted interest from Europe’s top destinations for young players such as Roma, and interestingly, Liverpool’s title rivals, Manchester City.

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  1. Pointless article. The only reliable source for Liverpool information is the Echo and it says that Liverpool have no interest in the player.

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