Stop Hating José!

José Mourinho has been in this business a LONG time. Eighteen years of genius let’s just say it. I am a devoted Arsenal fan but for me to tell you that what he has done isn’t genius would be stupid.

I’m going admit that his recent press conferences have not helped his case. The bitterness in his voice has turned many, especially within United against him, but the idea that this anger translates to everywhere outside of the press room is ridiculous.

The media has slowly been building up the idea that José Mourinho is a crazy, horrible, old man who has quite simply lost the plot. They’re wrong…

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CAUTION: The media will only show you what they want you to see.

You can sit there on your moral high ground dumping ill-informed opinions on a man who is quite clearly down, but never forget what a good manager he is. ‘Dinosaur’, ‘chequebook manager’. This silver-haired ‘lunatic’ is the same man that established the ‘pressāo alta’ (an agressive press) at Porto, leading them to a record-breaking season (86 points out of a possible 102) as well as a UEFA Champions League title. It’s fair to say Porto haven’t had a sniff since…

It’s quite possible that a defeat away to Burnley could be the coup de grâce for José Mourinho’s mediocre time up north. Bar the Europa League, his defensive outlook to football has rocked United fans to sleep. If he eventually slung his hook and walked, no one would bat an eye…

MISERY: Tottenham’s 3-0 destruction of United has left many calling for Mourinho’s head.

I’ll happily agree that his tactics this season have been that of a ‘footballing dinosaur’ but for the life of me I can’t work out why he does it. This is the same José that revolutionised the attacking press, ‘hipsters’ Naglesmann and Klopp are lauded for.

But now, with an unlimited budget, and world-class talent, he’s reverted to almost a Stoke-esque style of football; Fellaini as a Belgian Peter Crouch and Ander Herrera the ultimate shithouse. Oh, how I hate that Spaniard.

EASY: A 3-0 win against Monaco in Germany saw Mourinho lift his first major trophy.

This bamboozling tactic is hopefully not the beginning of Mourinho’s downward spiral into nothingness. As much as I hate the man, an old Mourinho team was a mighty fine team to watch and some dark part of me wants him to step up and show everyone he’s still got it. If I were to support Manchester United for some horrendous reason, I would want him to walk, but as an outsider, I think you have to give him five more games to turn this around.

After watching him all these years, José is down but we all know he certainly is not out. He will fight and fight and if anyone was to come back from these torrid performances, it would be him…

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