Lautaro: Perfection

I was going to start this article by saying that the boy from Buenos Aires perhaps lacks the clinicality of other top strikers, but it seems I have been silenced. I knew about Lautaro’s extraordinary athleticism before he stepped foot in Milan, but my oh my, not even I could’ve expected that. If you somehow don’t know what I am raving on about, just watch this.

Running at defenders? Goal. Running in behind? Goal. Even receiving the ball to his feet he is marvellous. His divine control of the ball and his twinkling toes have opposition defenders in his dust before they’ve even raised an eyebrow. At 5ft 9in, his bull terrier build makes him a nightmare to shrug off the ball. Is he the perfect striker?

Potentially. As much as he amazes me, Lautaro can be frustrating. His decision making can often fail him. For now it can be put down to his tender age but he definitely needs to work on knowing when to shoot and when to lay it off.

A Little Background:

Lautaro Javier Martínez arrives from Racing Club having struck 13 goals from 21 games in the Primera División as well as 5 in 6 in the Copa Libertadores last season. Although not galactic figures, just witnessing his majestic touches and tricks has you weak at the knees. After struggling with severe homesicknesses when he arrived at Racing, he finally settled in and made the most of his boundless talent. As long as he doesn’t have the same issues at Inter, he will be a hit.

You’d have to be crazy not to be excited to see this 20 year old hit the ground running in the increasingly competitive Serie A and of course the UEFA Champions League. Well I can’t wait that’s for sure.

If you want to see a video version of the Argentinian magician, I recommend this.


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