Wilfried Zaha: Intangible

Clocking speeds upwards of 35km/h, gliding through some of the best defences the Premier League has to offer and setting alight Selhurst Park with his mesmerising skills, there’s no wonder that Crystal Palace are demanding galactic sums of money for their Ivorian talisman. Despite all this, there’s still one word I’d use to describe Wilfried Zaha: intangible.

Intangible (in-tan-ji-bul): A feeling or quality exists but you cannot describe it exactly or prove it; there isn’t necessarily a visible value.

That is the perfect description of the Cote d’Ivoire native. It’s all good dancing your way through players with your boundless ability that everyone and their dog knows you have, but when you’re only directly contributing to a meagre ten goals a season, in my eyes, that doesn’t warrant £70m.

Don’t worry guys it’s not all doom and gloom. Let me lighten it up with a few old-fashioned facts so you don’t have to listen to (well read) me moan on about a lad who has more ability in his big toe than I do in my whole body. One thing we know about ‘Wilf’ is that he loves to take on a man. In fact, he took on the second most players in the league last season (113), obviously behind the imperious Eden Hazard (160). Still, I heard that Leroy Sané is a good player, yet he still didn’t take on as many opposition players as old Wilfried here (He is 25 now. How time flies eh?).

Furthermore, he creates just under two goalscoring chances a game, something that would be noted more if Big Ben up top could put the ball in the goal more often than he does. Nonetheless, Wilfried Zaha is no scrub. On the ball he is up there as one of the finest to watch in the Premier League, and we can’t wait to see what he’ll do next, both on and off the pitch.

It’s clear that if Zaha can combine his undeniable quality to beat his man with some end product and gain a bit of consistency, double figures in both goals and assists should be bread and butter for the English youth turn-Ivorian international. But £70m? A bit steep for now I think.


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