Isco Alarcón: Time To Step Up

Feet no different from that of a flamenco dancer, Francisco Román Alarcón Suárez, (Isco for short) is the living embodiment of the Spanish tika-taka style. His swanning runs from the heart of midfield have the Santiago Bernabéu on its feet at his every command. But how far can he go?

The question may seem rather futile considering the 26 year old has won a La Liga title, the Golden Boy award and let’s not forget four Champions Leagues. What more is there to do? Maybe a World Cup or two? The Ballon d’Or? Personally, nothing would please me more than to see him grit it out in the unforgiving Premier League, miles away from the abundances of world-class talent he has had the luxury of playing with at Real Madrid, but for some reason, I can’t quite see that happening…

His plethora of attacking abilities, in my opinion, have been restrained at a Zidane-led, Ronaldo-heavy Real Madrid side, but now that they have both departed, could we finally see Isco become Los Blancos’ new talisman? The introduction of Julen Lopetegui, a man who favored Isco during his time as Spain boss, could spark a change in Madrid tactics, allowing Isco time and space in the areas that matter, making him a pivotal player in all successes they may have. Where he belongs.


The five-time Ballon d’Or winner comes to Juve with around a £105m fee

The Numbers

Playing only 28 games for Los Blancos in the league last season, Isco still managed to conjure up some rather impressive stats. The natural number ten created an average of 2.5 goalscoring chances per game for his side last season, particularly impressive when the Madrid forwards finish their dinner. To add to this, his showstopping skills often seen on many a Youtube compilation (that horrendous music really doesn’t add much, please stop) are a product of his unbridled ambition, his desire to be the best and take on his man at every opportunity. He’s destined to be a world beater.

The boy works harder than most and performs at incredibly high levels consistently, qualities that any potential suitors would 100% be looking at should he decide to depart the Bernabéu. Although my desire to see him up against Cardiff City on a Tuesday evening in March may not happen for some time, there’s no doubt that Isco’s aesthetically pleasing play style will be admired by many more in the years to come and a potential move is never off the cards (Unai please). But for now, sit back and watch the Spaniard take La Liga by storm.


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