Player Profiles: Jack Grealish

Jack Grealish is something special. 

Birmingham boy through and through, Grealish is 22 now and although his progress may have stifled for a year or two, he is very much back on track, taking the Aston Villa squad on his back as he tried to drag them into the Premier League via the playoffs. Despite being unsuccessful, the world saw something of Jack Grealish that they hadn’t seen before. Once a naive kid, Grealish had grown into a man who could be relied on when it counted, a man who will step out and try and change a game. This man, is on the move…

When you’re going to wear socks as low as possible, children’s shinpads and then proceed to glide around the pitch dominating the game, you’re going to get ‘hit’. He found this out the hard way whilst on loan at the then League One Notts County. A call of protection from manager Shaun Derry didn’t help the situation, but Grealish persisted and managed to keep the seemingly down and out Magpies away from relegation, something now called by the Notts County faithful “the great escape”.

Jack’s Nottingham adventures sadly didn’t translate into game time for his boyhood club Aston Villa. Playing just sixteen games in his first full season as a Villa player, losing them all, Grealish was frustrated and the front pages of major newspapers made sure the public knew. For a spell of sixth months, the media were all over him, putting negative spins on his nights out. To be fair Jack didn’t help himself. A three-game suspension for his conduct and Grealish was propelled down the pecking order. He had to wait till 2017 before he could really begin to flourish.

His deft touches and talismanic nature won the hearts of the Villa Park faithful and soon enough expectation was at its peak. The performances of Grealish had everyone on their feet, but the showcase of his talent had its negatives…

By May, Jack had caught the eye of many Premier League sides, none more than Tottenham Hotspur and the latest revelation coming out of Villa Park suggests that the English attacking midfielder has been put up for sale. Wood to the fire.

Whether Jack can transfer his skill into England’s top flight remains to be seen. He has all the talent in the world but there is always the potential at his age that he could be another ‘in between’ player, a Lewis Grabban if you will. A player who is top quality in the Championship but can’t step up to the Premier League. It’s an awkward position to be in but if Grealish does get his move to Tottenham Hotspur, there’s no better man to tutor him than Mauricio Pochettino.

After pledging his services to England, everyone is looking forward to seeing how Mr Grealish can progress and I am sure we will see him make waves wherever he ends up.



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