Here at Taste Of Football we believe content comes first. Our aim is to produce unique and authentic articles, something that give the average football reader a different angle into the beautiful game. It’s where our edge comes from.

We don’t churn out rehashed quotes. We adapt and explain. That player your club has signed. We can tell you everything you need to know and more, down to the way he strikes the ball.

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Formerly partnered with leading independent sports digital media company Snack Media, we are now partnered with Google Certified Publishing Partner Ezoic. A move that will see us take this blog to the next level and help meet our high ambitions. We continue to strive towards perfection and enhance our reputation as an up and coming football blog.

In our short existence (just over a year), we have accumulated over 550,000 site views, with 400,000+ being unique visitors. Although we already entertain a global audience, the majority of our viewership comes from the United States and the United Kingdom.

When approaching sponsored articles/pitches, we are happy to take on anything football related (inc. betting). As long as it fits well into an article.

If this works for you and your company, feel free to ping us an email to discuss what you have in mind. Our pricing structure is negotiable.


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